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Do you truly use all your data for marketing optimization?

True data enabled marketing goes beyond automated reports and dashboarding.
Only 2% of companies run a multi-moment marketing data system* that actually utilizes all available data for marketing optimization.

Our system for digital growth

Climbing the ladder from Nascent or Emerging to a Connected or Multi-Moment digital stage can be quite difficult. Your internal marketing team is very likely busy with day-by-day tasks and keeping the business running. The higher you step in the ladder, the higher the needed technical and mathematical skills to make the next step forward . It is often not necessary to internalize such skills in a company, because most steps consist of one-off projects.

There are three technical success factors

Modern marketing should be connected, measurable and self-scaling to drive predictable and reliable results. Therefore, our service for your business is based on these three fundamental factors. Combined it’s more than just marketing, it is a holistic digital solution for your business – respecting everything from the first step to the very last. Eventually, the implementation of the loudlift framework results in better marketing and business decisions, leaving no important metric behind.

Only 2% of companies reach their full potential...

*Source: BCG-Google Data-Driven Marketing assessment 2017

Maybe now you asking yourself: Why should I even consider moving up the ladder? Maybe your marketing campaigns are running quite well and driving results. Or you may think that technical improvements are only nice-to-have. Following three main factors should convince you that an investment in your marketing infrastructure is worth the effort.


As seen above, climbing up the ladder can give you a gain in efficiency and sales between 20% and 30%. Imagine that you had to compete against a multi-moment company, while you are still in a nascent or emerging digital state. If new competitors surface they are usually highly agile and are trying to gain competitive advantage through innovation. While time is passing on, you may recognize some day, that tactics that once worked fine will start to fade. CPCs increase and conversions decrease. You are now losing new customers and money.


Especially in high-competition markets execution speed is essential. If you fail to implement the newest trends or to innovate, you put your business at risk or slowing your potential growth down. Our framework and services are all about momentum. We accelerate existing strengths and insights to a new technical level, resulting in levering your current campaigns.


Automation is a keyword when it comes to marketing. With technology we can increase the efficiency and save workforce costs at the same time. Just image how your business would benefit, if you could handle twice as many campaigns or budgets with the same team size. Our framework and services are all about creating that new level of efficiency in your marketing infrastructure.

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Our Process

Sustainable growth with dank enger Zusammenarbeit und Internalisierung.

Analysis & Consultation Phase

Free audit & strategy plan.
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Growth Phase

Implementation of quick wins and kick off for longer projects.
How can we reach our goals as fast as possible?

Knowledge Transfer Phase

Implementation of projects and deep knowledge transfer.
How to make a sustainable impact on your performance?

About us

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loudlift puts focus on high-tech cutting edge marketing and technology to grow your business. We are located in Berlin and have over 5+ years experience in digital marketing – especially Performance Marketing, Marketing Automation and A/B Testing. We’ve worked in and with many Start-Ups and Midsize Businesses, resulting in a holistic, problem-solving and growth-oriented view on marketing.

Erik Rossol

Erik is the mind behind our marketing strategy and implementation.

Florian Schäffner

Florian is the mind behind our marketing automation tools and processes.
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