The loudlift system

This is how fast conversion rate growth works

Analysis & Onboarding

We look at your current landing pages and together we set a benchmark against which we will compete and together we define all manual inputs, such as audience copy and creatives.

Initial Testing

During the testing phase, our system automates and executes all tests in parallel and we prove that loudlift is better than the current benchmark.

Always-On Testing

Successful tests are implemented at audience level and form the new benchmark. New text modules and creatives are tested based on the learnings.

The loudlift guarantee

We guarantee the success of our A/B testing. You only pay if we can beat your benchmark.

Why do we do it this way? We are simply convinced that automated multivariate testing can do it better and that there is hidden conversion rate potential that neither you nor we knew about before. But these potentials can be unleashed through smart, dynamic A/B testing. Don't believe us? Then let us explain it to you in a conversation.

The comparison

What sets us apart from other solutions

loudlift Landing Page Builder A/B Testing Tools A/B Testing Agentur
Conversion rate uplift Garantuee
Learnings from 500+ A/B tests
Automatic multivariate testing
Self-optimizing tests
(Built-in) Personalization
Site-Speed Optimisation
Cookie Consent Optimisation
100% GDPR compliant

Requirements for the program

  • 10,000+ monthly visitors
  • Willingness to run 25% - 50% of your traffic through loudlift
  • Data- & execution-driven mindset

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